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Carton, carton proofing, cutting scheme 

I. Introduction of products:


After the Guangdong Rui Zhou Technology Co. Ltd. - professional packaging industry for CAD (computer aided design system (/CAM) aided manufacturing equipment) solutions, power automation / packaging enterprise intelligent management, improve work efficiency, save operating costs, enhance the competitiveness of the market.
Production of various packaging products -- design, proofing, printing, solve the consistency of die cutter, imposition, paper, make the prepress process management and transparent effect, and reduce human experience and other factors on the enterprise. Save production costs, improve efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises, and strengthen enterprise management.
This product name: Rui Zhou computer CNC cutting machine (Prodigi)
This application materials: composite materials, corrugated paper, white cardboard, paperboard, rubber plate etc..
This tool consists of: vibration knife, pressure wheel, cutter, oblique knife, punching etc..
I realize the function; high precision cutting, indentation, carving, drawing, writing etc..


Two field proofing:

Three. Application process:

Draw: use the CAD class box design software on the computer to draw the box chart file, set the following relevant content: style, size, cutting
Lines, half knife lines, indentation lines, dotted lines, text, graphics, painting;
Transmission: import box type drawings into carton proofing machine;
Debugging: placing packaging materials, one button operation, debugging [carton proofing machine] work parameters;
Work: a key operation, automatic start [carton proofing machine] cutting, indentation, drawing and other operations;
Make sure that the sample will be spliced and pasted to evaluate the availability of the sample and repeat the steps until satisfactory samples are confirmed;
The calculation of imposition and material costs by calculation of box type structure;
The batch scheduling according to the confirmation of the sample of small batch production;
The printing reference: CAD box type printing data as the basis, to ensure the printing and design of box type consistency;
To mould making: CAD box type mould making data as the basis, to ensure the cutting die and design of box type consistency.

Four proofing effect:

Five. Machine details:

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