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Autos upholstery underlay cutting machine

Model No.︰RZCRT-2516C
Brand Name︰RUIZHOU
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description


1. 15 years of experience in CNC cutting technology;

2. The first and biggest CNC cutting machine manufacturer in China;

3. We only focus on the research and development of CNC knife-cutting technology and related CAD software over the past 15 years;

4. We use HAAS and DMG machine tool to process key components;

5. We imported Servo Motor from Panasonic and Straight-line guide rail from Germany;

6. We regard quality and service as the life of our corporation;

7. We will never be satisfied until you are satisfied;

8. Our engineering team never stops to improve our machine and upgrade our software; 



Ruizhou carton sample cutting machine is efficient cutting solution for carton making industry. Introducing vibrating knife cutting technology, it is able to create accurate carton sample on corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber board and complex materials.



1. Easy to use

  specially designed for carton sample cutting,easy to install, simple to set-up . allow you to cut pieces quickly and efficiently, thus increasing your output and reducing your throughput time.

 2. Save time and money whilst improving quality

 *Eliminates the cost and time you spend cutting paper patterns and making brass bound pattern boards.

  * Greatly reduces the time taken to cut samples and graded paper patterns by hand

 * Consistent accuracy throughout, utilizing the Ruizhou RECAD software, any modifications to the pattern can be re-cut quickly and efficiently.

 * Reduces your lead times for samples, short production runs and overall pattern development time for both sampling and production, helping you to provide 'quick response' to your customers’ demands.

 3. Flexible(software function)

 * allowing cutting and/or plotting pattern pieces whist  continue to develop other 2D patterns.




1. Tool Head

  • A multifunctional tool head incorporating an oscillating knife, a marking pen and a creasing wheel. 

2.Vibrating Knife:

  •  availability of accurate full-cut and half-cut, ruling out the defects cause by die cutter or laser cutter.
  •  adoption vibrating knife cutting technology, it can create precise carton patterns on  corrugated board,grey board,cardboard,etc.
  • completely replace of manual cutting and mould cutting,save material,time and money.


  3.Available spare parts


  • Blade:various types blades,choose them according to your specific demands,works out a wide range of materials like corrugated board,grey board,cardboard,etc.
  • Creasing wheel:perfect choice for making carton samples,conduct accurately creasing,make your carton sample in high quality and good condition. 
  • Pen: doing marks, drawing lines and creating pictures on the material, ball-pen / oil-pen / silver pen are optional




  •  Connectible to common CAD software, widely used for production of carton and paper or PVC pattern



  • It's easy for you to find the cutting initial point



  • When you are in the middle of operating the machine and an emergency happens,you can press this emergency button(there are four buttons located on the four corners),then the machine will stop working.




1.Time Savings:

Hour of work with our cutting system can replace between 4 and 6 hours of hand-cutting. In addition, they are all digitally organized. Cutting, marking and creasing are accomplished in minutes, not hours and days by hand!


 2. Material Savings:

 Companies report a material savings of 5-10%. You can nest patterns on your computer with a bird's eye view of all the patterns and experiment with different arrangements until you find the tightest nesting fit. Nesting can also be done automatically for even more time savings.



Improved accuracy begins with the ability to create perfect patterns. Patterns are then cut with a precision of half a millimeter. What will be the result? Sewers are provided with pieces that fit. They can produce a higher quality finished product in much less time.


4.Inventory Reduction:

Our cutting system allows you to minimize cut inventory levels. Single or low ply cutters can quickly cut just what is needed for that day's production. This translates into a quick response time and minimum cut inventory.


5.Employee Satisfaction:

Cutters will enjoy a cleaner, safer work environment compared with laser cutting machine.







Cutting area




Working Character

The cutting machine is running at the same time with the computer operation,fast finish data transfer,and it can be used continuously.

Cutting Speed


Cutting thickness


Cutting materials

Corrugated paper, Plastic, Rubber board, Greyboard Paper, Complex Material, Underlay ,White board paper


                      Rotate blade head, Vibration blade head, Die cutter

Applicable pen type

Common signing pen, Oil pen, ball-point pen, Silver pen

Measure to Fix Paper

Vacuum Adsorption

Mechanical resolution


Software resolution

0.025mm   0.01mm   0.1mm  optional

Interface of transmission

Standard parellel and serial interface

Buffer Capability

Once fast transfer


HP-GL and GP-GL compatible mode

Didital control Panel

Liquid crystal display and touching button

Transmission materials

Straight line guide track / Synchronous belt / Imported synchronous belt  


Servo motor

Shaking Blade Head

Shaking blade head motor 20000 rotate/min

Machine working voltage

AC 220∨±10%,50HZ

Air pump working voltage

AC 380∨±10%,50HZ


Payment Terms︰30% down payment, 70% shipment paid
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