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Product Catalog 


Ruizhou Suitcase&Bag Design Software

Model No.︰Ver3.9
Brand Name︰RUIZHOU
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description

RUIZHOU Handbag Design Softwear

Basing on manual handbag design & making processes, Ruizhou handbag design software is very useful for bag production factories, easy to learn and operate. It's possible to create difficult lines like sawtooth lines, round edge or links within a few seconds. 


RZBag CAD System Features

  • In RZBag CAD system, user can customized the frequently-used tools according to his or her preference. 
  • Ruizhou bag design system has the function for creating diverse winkle effects can be done by defining different values.
  • Ruizhou bag design system can do rapid generation of backpack linking part.
  • When patterns are finished, the data can be shared with other department like sales, procurement, warehouse and production as a base of standard management, so that material consumption can be easily estimated.


  • Ruizhou CAD system is easy to learn and use, it only takes 2-3 of training to command the operation;
  • RZBag system incorporates the features of most of the popular software in the market. A user with skills in using a mouse is well competent to operate the software.
  • Powerful functions in support of modification to the shape of any complicated curves,
  • Visual measurement tool displays real-time values, which makes the user easy to view the real value of length and angle without doing complicated manual measurement.
  • All the useful pattern data, such as length, width, circumference and part names, can be conveniently exported for the reference of the sales department, production department and etc.
  • The finished pattern data can be automatically input into the costing and nesting system for the most optimized nesting sketch, which guarantees precise material calculation, material preparation and provides accurate nesting sketch and eventually controls material waste and material supplement .      
Payment Terms︰T/T
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